Publishing and Distribution Services

  • Need to get your book published or need distribution to Top retailers like Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo and many more ?
  • We can help. We can get your book into any and all these retailers. We also provide Ebook conversion services to convert your Windows files into Ebook formats such as Epub, mobi, PDF and other popular Ebook formats.
  • We can get your book into almost any retailer in the book market. The scope of your book distribution needs is up to you; whether it’s just the 4 major retailers like Amazon, Apple, Barnes&Noble and Kobo or to every country on the planet. We have the MEGA-Store, basic global distribution packages for Ebooks and   GLOBAL distribution packages for Printed books through all Amazon stores and Ingram Content Group’s Lightning Source.
  • We also have service plans to assist you with self publishing your own books. It’s up to you to decide how much assistance you need to get your books to the Public. And we’re here to make sure that happens. If you wish to purchase Services, Click on one of the following page links for:

American Publishing  US

We make it easy for you to get your book Published and On Sale at Major Retailers Around the World”

Why Choose us over the others ?

  • We make the whole process easy on you
  • We give you more for your money
  • We have been computer experts for 20 years
  • We focus on getting YOUR book to market
  • And we do it quicker than the other guys
  • No big corporation inflated costs of services
  • That means big savings for YOU !
  • We are a family owned business

It all adds up to you getting a high quality book to market, for the lowest costs and it’s all done in a highly efficient and friendly professional way.

  • We can provide you with as much assistance as you may need, whether you need us to do all the work to get your book on sale to the Public.
  • Or if you just need us to assist you in solving the problems you will run into trying to self-publish.

Download our Customer Fact Sheet

Customer Fact Sheet PDF

Customer Fact Sheet Epub

Our Customer Fact Sheet gives you a basic explanation of our services and how the process works in getting your books Published and Distributed; as well as insights about these services.